Fibre Options

Infogro offers high-speed Fibre connectivity throughout South Africa using a variety of Fibre Network Operators (FNO’s), such as Vumatel, Frogfoot, MFN, and Openserve. In addition to leveraging these partnerships, Infogro has its own Fibre network in certain parts of the country.

With Fibre connectivity, users can enjoy lightning-fast internet speeds and reliable connections that enable them to stream high-quality content, work from home, and connect with others seamlessly. infogro’s Fibre solutions are designed to meet the needs of businesses and individuals alike, providing a range of packages that can be tailored to suit specific requirements.

At infogro, we take great pride in delivering exceptional service and support to our clients, backed by a team of experienced professionals who are committed to ensuring that your connectivity needs are met. With our extensive network of FNO partners and our own Fibre network, we are confident in our ability to provide reliable, high-speed connectivity to customers throughout South Africa.

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Updated on 5 June 2024